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Warriors for the Kingdom

I will need you to speak from the heart, my heart to the people. My heart to those that are looking for something…. looking for something that this world cannot give them.

My church has not spoken my Word as I have wanted.  My church has had their eyes drawn the wrong direction, scales put over them but it is time for my Truth to be spoken, says the Lord. It is time for my Truth to burn in the hearts of those that long to hear things beyond empty noises and empty sounds. Their souls cannot be satisfied by other things...they just didn't know where to look.  My gospel has not been spread or the right message given.  My children have been taken down a lot of windy paths by men sometimes with good intentions… sometimes not. 

I will rise up the Remnant and I will rise up my church and my truth will be spoken through the vessels that I choose. They will be pure words that will resonate within the hearts of those that hear it, accept it, and water that seed.  If they will allow it to grow and to burn inside of them they will turn into mighty Warriors for the Kingdom.

There are many things to be done.. many tasks at hand and I need lots of different people to handle these tasks.  Different personalities.. different strengths... because I make my children as unique as the nature that surrounds them...I make my children even vaster.  I will use those that have been deemed unworthy by man to accomplish great tasks...instead of being looked down upon they will be raised up within the Kingdom to proclaim my great name for my glory! 

Yes, things will be different... things will look different, but it'll be better. It'll be glorious!! There will be more of me.  The veil has been changed lives and yes children, there is even more to come.  

Cindy Kulp


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I am a follower of Jesus Christ, He is my Lord & Savior.  I am married to a Kansas farmer and a mother of three.

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