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Vessels of Glory

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Listen to what I have to say with your heart for this is the dawning of a new day, a new era. My Spirit will pour out powerfully over my sons and daughters.

Those that have known me will experience my power 1st, then my Spirit will move upon all believers & unbelievers alike.  Judgment will fall but restoration will follow, returning hearts and souls back to me, the Father. They will experience my goodness like they have never imagined before. They will  experience the love that they have never had. Many will experience a freedom they never thought possible. They will see that I am a just and true God, their God, their Father.  Many will return to church looking to understand and in search for more of me.

Be ready, remnant.

Be ready my forerunners. I need you to be my hands & my feet. I need you to speak truth to these new children, to the spiritual infants.  They will grow fast… they will be sponges and grow quickly within the Spirit for the time is short.

You see, I am building my Bride. I am building my Church. This will only be the 1st round of harvest, for this will not be a one time event but my waves will continue to flow across this land for a period of time. A line will be drawn in the sand for each and every person to choose my goodness & salvation or to continue to walk in the darkness. The middle will be gone. Those that try to remain there will find it impossible. For the rewards I have for them will not flow if they are not all in. 

Remnant rise! Walk into your calling. No more time of hesitation and second guessing. Seek pure hearts and clean lips so that you may carry my words in the power that I want to flow through you.  For you see, you will not be able to accomplish what I need you to for the Kingdom if you do not have the resurrection power, flowing in signs and wonders. 

You are to build my Church, that is your mandate! That is your role. Trust in me and all I have for you. I've laid out a path ahead, a straight path. A path to accomplish good things for the Kingdom, powerful things for the Kingdom, things that will shake the darkness and shake it to its core! I will put all things on the path that I have intended all along for each and every one of you. You are temples of the Lord!  My temples, vessels of my glory and honor. 

As the darkness stirs in the world around you, do not take your eyes off of me Children. 

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